Why Desktop Internet Is Getting Taken Over By Mobile Usage

Mobile devices are perhaps saying to desktop computers these days, “We are always busy as people are using us to surf the Internet all the time. What about you?” The answer to this question is a bit embarrassing for desktop Internet users. People are steadily losing the interest they once had for surfing the Internet using their desktop computers. What is the reason behind this phenomenon? It is the technological advancements which have transformed a mobile device from a simple tool used only for making calls into a powerful gadget aiding in daily event management. And if people can get access to the Internet while on the go, why will they prefer to sit in front of the desktop at all?

Recent reports have revealed that mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014. So why is this change? What is the reason behind mobile devices getting the preference over desktops when it comes to Internet usage?

The Size Matters:

Yes, size is perhaps the most important reason behind this change. Desktop computers are heavy and fixed to a single place. Using desktop computers to surf the Internet means the user has to remain idle in front of the screen. A mobile device, on the other hand, is thin and light in weight. This means that they are easy to carry, and you can surf the Internet anytime and from anywhere.

Enhanced Functionality:

Tablets and Smartphones have made it possible to have a better user experience while surfing the Internet. Apart from the regular call-making and snap-taking features, most of these devices come equipped with the major desktop functionalities. The memory, processor and drive space in mobile devices are a little low, but they are ideal when compared to the size of mobile devices.

It’s Trendy After All:

Over 50% of the people using mobile devices to surf the Internet are doing so not only because it’s easy and time-efficient, but also because it looks cool and trendy. They are doing it because they have seen their colleagues and friends do it every day. And moreover, having a super-sleek and high-end mobile phone at the palm of a hand is sure to catch the attention it deserves.

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