Every coin has two sides and it is very important to know the both sides of a coin. Same happens with Industrial Revolution as it has vast impact on the lives of every individual. On the other side of a coin, Industrial Revolution does have some disadvantages that should not be overlooked. One of the biggest disadvantages of Industrial Revolution is gas pollution. Many new machineries has been introduced but on the other side they are the main source of air pollution.Which can indirectly harm the overall atmosphere of every country. It also impact the climate, whole weather can get too polluted and that can lead to many serious health problems.

Disadvantage that should not be underestimate

According to the study another disadvantage of industrial revolution is, the one who are rich will get richer. Whereas the poor community will continue to face hardships. The researcher predicts the one who is an owner of large organization will be benefited by this Industrial Revolution and make profit. As mentioned before due to the industrial revolution many farmers shifted to urban areas in order to get jobs. Which causes overpopulation in urban cities that will result as the shortage of resources.

Contribution of industrial revolution in worsen working conditions:

Nowadays many large industries cover almost half of the residential areas. And the owners of these large organizations only care about profit. When profitability is the top most priority of any organization at that point something went wrong. Somewhere at some point you are neglecting your workers’ safety and needs. Worker wages and safety become less important to them, which upsets the working labor. It’s a fact that the working labor in industry sector earning more than a farmer. But due to the inflation there expenses are increasing day by day that is worsen their working conditions. In such conditions best industrial solutions are to meet with employer’s exceptions and provide them with good wages. As employee is a backbone of every industry

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