These days, the PC has become one of the most important tools we can count on for the tasks we do both at home and in the office. The degree of dependence that most of us have with that nice, intriguing, and the too useful little box has reached such a point that when a power outage occurs, we feel isolated and unable to communicate.

One of the most interesting alternatives we have available to avoid all the risks and discomforts generated by the dips or power outages is the use of a stabilizer or a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System), also known as UPS. In the market there are hundreds of models of both types, of many different prices and characteristics, and their use does not pose any problems, however they offer different types of benefits, and are used for very different things, what the user many times unknown That is why in this article we will know the main characteristics that differentiate each of them.

 The Stabilizer

The voltage stabilizer is a device whose primary function is to stabilize the voltage of the electric current that arrives from the network, always stabilizing it at the same value, which is undoubtedly very beneficial for all the equipment that is connected to it.

In the event that the network has voltage shocks, that is to say, that it decreases or increases the voltage flow, which can cause major damage to the hardware, the voltage stabilizer will always be in charge of keeping the current stable, and arrived In the event that there is an overvoltage peak, the fuses contained inside will act, preventing the passage of electrical overload.

 Uninterruptible Power Supply: UPS

UPS is an equipment designed to keep our computer running with stabilized current and good quality during a power outage long enough to allow us to save our work and shut down the PC normally, which will also save us later problems due to a bad shutdown. This is mainly possible thanks to a battery arranged inside the device, which is responsible for providing enough energy to keep the equipment on for a few minutes. It should be noted that this battery is automatically recharged without intervention from us when the sale UPS (ขาย UPS which is the term in Thai) receives power from the network, so it will always be ready to go into operation.

 These UPS begin to provide their services immediately after a power outage, giving us about 15 or 20 minutes to save and turn off the PC. These minutes, although they may seem few, can make the difference between having a good day or bitter us the rest of the week.

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