Although today many light sources can be adapted to all styles, it is not always easy to find the right balance between general lighting, localized lighting, and ambient lighting . Especially since each of the rooms in the house requires specific lighting.

Choose The Correct Location For Your Lights

Very fashionable, XXL luminaires adorn the space magnificently as long as they are well proportioned. An imposing suspension will be more appropriate on a large dining table than a pedestal table.

Use The Lighting To Enhance The Decoration

Value the furniture, paintings, and objects you like with directional High Bay (โคม ไฮ เบ ย์ which is the term in Thai). To do this, it uses concentrated and directed beam luminaires: reading lights, dimmable bulbs, clip lamps.

Of Course, Opt For LED Bulbs

It turns on immediately and spreads a very nice light. Above all, it consumes 10 times less electricity than an older incandescent model.

Multiply The Points Of Light

To create a warm atmosphere in the living room, diversify the light sources, their heights, their powers: street lamps and sconces next to the seats, small lamps on the consoles.

Install Spotlights In A Hallway

Place several points of light in the hall at regular intervals to avoid bumping into them, especially at night. Recessed LED reflectors are efficient and discrete and can detect movement.

Reveal The Light Bulbs

Today, LED bulbs are so beautiful that they are no longer hidden. To give a vintage style to your decoration, use them without screens. With their amber wrap and yellow filament, they spread a cozy light ideal for relaxation.

Install Recessed Projectors In The Bathroom

Place recessed spotlights on the ceiling and a wall sconce on each side of the mirror to avoid shadows on the face. Another option is the mirror with integrated lighting.

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